Ethicality and high quality

The entire process of production is ecologically, socially and financially responsible. Using produce from trusted companions and preparing the food on site from basics, it’s always ethical and good quality. Eating out in Ilokivi is always the most responsible choice for your body, environment and budget!

See below how responsibility is built in the Ilokivi lunch:

In the Kitchen

  • The devices and equipment in the kitchen are energy efficient and intelligent
  • Detergents are non-toxic concentrates with the least possible amount of packaging waste
  • The lighting system uses led fixtures with motion detectors
  • Cooking devices are programmed to save staff resources and guarantee uniform quality for all lunch customers
  • The amount of waste throughout the process is kept to a minimum and surveilled carefully

In the Foodstuffs

  • We only use organic, free or outdoor eggs in all our products
  • The origin of all raw material is known
  • Meat is mostly Finnish, the land of origin is always visible in the list of ingredients
  • We only use sustainable fish whose production is not harmful to marine ecosystems
  • Vegetables are Finnish whenever possible, and we also use organic produce

In the Service and Products

  • Vegetarian and vegan options are offered daily
  • We only serve Fair trade certified coffee
  • Our policy is One Plate Only, which keeps the amount of dirty dishes at bay
  • Biowaste scales show the customers the amount of biowaste they produce daily
  • The amount of waste food is reduced via sales of the leftover food
  • Two of the three lunch options daily complies to the exact standards for the student meal subsidy set by Kela

In Your Chance to Share Good:

  • You can choose the Development Co-operation lunch of the Student Union. The Student Union chooses periodically a development co-operation project to fund. The project is presented on the Development cooperation webpage.
  • You can compensate the carbon emissions of your meal. Ilokivi is the first enterprise in Jyväskylä to offer the Compensate model directly at the purchase.