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Friday 11.12.2020

Sweet Burlesque Nights: Valveuni

Tapahtuma siirtyy huhtikuulta joulukuulle muuttuen uudenlaiseksi kokonaisuudeksi nimeltä Sweet Burlesque Weekend!Viikonlopun aikana tullaan tarjoilemaan pe ja la huikea burleskishow jossa…

Ilokivi Black Box

Continuous feast of music, movies and theatre for all kinds of guests waits for you in Ilokivi downstairs.

Event organizer:

  • Room capacity 365 people
  • Licence for serving alcoholic beverages
  • Professional cinema equipment
  • versatile sound system
  • great for many kinds of events and experiences (rock club, stand up show, theatre, movie screening, seminar…)

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Venue Manager
Samppa Erkkilä
050 477 6050 / samppa@ilokivi.fi

Operators in the Ilokivi Venue

Ilokivi Venue
A bar and culture venue run in Ilokivi downstairs during evenings and weekends.

Ilokivi movie theatre
Ilokivi cinema gives shows on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Screenings are run by local operators: the Student Union, the Film Center of Central Finland (KSEK) association, and the National Audiovisual Institute of Finland KAVI.

Jyväskylä student theatre 
Jyväskylä Student theatre creates 3-5 productions annually.

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Equipment of the Ilokivi club

Ilokivi club consists of an entrance space, hall, stage, bar, backstage and storage areas. A renovation in 2016 has been made to make all areas wheelchair accessible.

  • Capacity 365 people
  • Foldable auditorium 60 seats
  • Stage width 7 m, depth 3,2 m, height 0,6 m, stage overall height floor to ceiling ca. 3 m
  • (seating) floor 14 m x 14,5 m
  • Chairs n. 180, of which Isku chairs 40
  • Separate tables (tall) 10
  • Separate tables (round, low) 7
  • Bar tables 6
  • Wireless LAN for guests

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