Technical equipment at the club

Sounds and visuals


Barco DP2k digital movie projector

Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 35 mm film projector

Movie screen (will be lowered down upon the stage)

Sound system

Hitachi CP-WX8255 data projector

Screen behind the stage

Public address



d&b audiotechnik C7-series

2x d&b C7 top

4x d&b C7 sub

3x d&b E3

30D & 10D amps



Behringer X32

2 x cat available for guest

Please note: max. SPL 102 dBA (slow)


Stage monitoring


Behringer X32

Midas DL32

5x EV X-Array Xw15 biamp wedges, EV dsp amps

Drumfill EV FRX+640 + sub

Please note: no analog snake available!




Shure B52 x 2

Shure SM58 x 4

Shure SM57 x 6

Sennheiser e604 x 4

Sennheiser e606 x 2

Avantone CK-1 x 2

Samson C02 x 2

DI-box x 11




Overall lighting with rgb-leds

ChamSys MagicQ PC Wing + Touchscreen pc

Par 64 x 6

Par 56 floor x 2

Fresnell minuette 18–57 x 3

Showtec Active Sunstrip x 4

Showtec LedPAR64 18x3w x 4

Martin Mac 250 Krypton x 9

Eurolite TMH-14 Moving zoom wash x 8

Nova PR-2013D 250w x 6

Look Unique hazer