Restaurant Ilokivi Staff

We work together in the heart of the Campus for your better daily well-being.


Just shy of five feet, not at all shy to get down to business. Kati wants to make a change and has been doing it in Ilokivi since May 2018. Kati commutes by bicycle and wears UK shoe size 2.

Awarded with the Cordon Bleu guild emblem of the Finnish Chef Association in 2014 and the Chamber of Commerce Silver Medal for 20 years of continuous work at restaurant Sohwi in 2017.


Started working with the Student Union at Rentukka in 1986, moved to Ilokivi in 1992. Famous for everything, not least his signature greeting “teeerve!” and phenomenal memory skills.

Active member in Kynsilaukkakilta (Alivum Sativum Jyväskyläensis), a local association for promoting the use of garlic. Featured in a Hervannan Kultakurkut song (link opens in a new window).


Tuija has belonged to Ilokivi from the 1980’s. With hobbies ranging from sports to baking, she finds Finnish lakes too warm for swimming in the Summer months, and often travels to Lapland for northern magic.

This granny of four has a strong penchant for humor!


Multi-competent woman who lifts and a billiards enthusiast with expertise in customer service and accounting.

Siiri has a strong drive for a person’s overall well-being, not forgetting relaxation.


The heart of the Ilokivi kitchen since 1981. Arja keeps up the legendary Ilokivi food quality by cooking like her kids were at the table. In her personal life, she is an active grandma, staying fit by skiing, biking, and gym workout.

Cleanliness and common sense are Arja’s basic values.


Eeva cooks with skill and speed, accompanying her tasks with graceful psalms or rakish cursing (depending on the situation).

Eeva commutes by bike from Säynätsalo, bakes the Ilokivi signature bread rolls with hearty passion, and prepares beautiful salad buffets.


Originally from Ostrobothnia, Laura keeps the legends of Ostrobothnia ladies alive with her vim and vigor. Laura has a graduate degree in restaurant science and another degree in cleaning.

Whatever comes Laura’s way, will be sorted out, dealt with and put to order!


Sweet and brave adventurer originally from Hankasalmi with a degree as a receptionist and previous career in train restaurants. Elisa loves cats and enjoys hiking with her family.

Elisa’s superpower is daring to venture into new things with a short notice!


Annika loves summer, warmth and sun, and relaxes best while sunbathing. Passionate in sports, Annika has been running half marathons and is dreaming of running a whole one, too. Annika also has experience of hairdressing, which she has worked in for several years.

“There must always be something to do!”