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This page has all contact information for Restaurant Ilokivi and Ilokivi Venue, and all the forms you may need.

Ilokivi contact info

Lost & Found

Did you leave something behind?

Email us at and let us know what was lost, when and where in the building. We know the building.

Request an offer

Feeling like throwing a party, but don’t quite have the plan together just yet? Get in touch and let’s plan together.


Do you want to ask us a question or thank us, make a wish or give any other feedback? We would love to learn from you.

Request an Offer

Request for an Offer

  • The Ilokivi space you wish to be offered
  • Give as close an estimate of the number of participants you can at this point.
    Please enter a number from 0 to 1000.
  • Your plan for the date
    DD dot MM dot YYYY
  • Specify the diatary needs in the open field, if necessary.
  • Tell us more about the nature of your event, dietary requirements and other needs.