Association’s annual celebration on Seminaarinmäki

Offer an unforgettable evening to the members of your association. Give your Annual Ball in the tasteful environment of Ilokivi.

The Annual Celebration is a stately table party

The Annual Celebration or Annual Ball is the most decorous party of the year for many organizations and associations. The arrangements and success of the Annual Celebration are often given special attention. The venue you choose should be one that understands the nature of the celebration: the Annual Ball of a student association, for example, is a dignified evening event for students, not a coveralls party.

The Anniversary Celebrations in the Student association field form a part of the academic celebration tradition. The annual ball combines a touch of old-school formality, celebratory manners, dress code, and the singing traditions of the academic sitting party to a three-course dinner. By choosing Ilokivi as your venue you can be sure your needs are met when it comes to understanding the meaning of the celebration.

Choose Ilokivi for your anniversary celebrations and you can be sure that:

  • The big day of your organization gets a worthy framework
  • The restaurant hall is transformable and spacious
  • The facilities are functional and safe for even many guests
  • The facilities are accessible for wheelchair users
  • The transition from the dining hall to conference break is fast due to the functionality of the facilities
  • Ilokivi is easily accessible by public transport
  • The central location ensures easy access to the party for all your guests
  • You can use audio devices for speech and background music according to your plans
  • We can set a seated dinner for up to 200 guests
  • All your dining options can be provided vegan friendly by request
  • A cocktail party or reception can be held within Ilokivi premises before the formal dinner
  • After-party of the anniversary can be held at Ilokivi Venue donwnstairs without a time-consuming transition
  • The upstairs bar may be open during conference breaks
  • You can choose between a festive table setting and table service or more relaxed buffet dining according to your associations’ needs and budget
  • If necessary, we can help you with ideas for a table decoration according to your theme
  • The knowledgeable staff is aware of the importance of the anniversary and creates a dignified atmosphere

Annual Celebrations at Ilokivi

The Annual Ball can be one of the most memorable occasions for the participants during their studies.

Festive attire and quality dinner menu elevate the atmosphere with a formal charm, whereas the songs and academic anecdotes keep the occasion hilarious and light. Many association activists like to tour anniversaries even in other university towns for more experience.

Organize your anniversary in Ilokivi and integrate your community into the traditional chain of dozens of generations of students.

Get to know our spaces

Ilokivi dining hall and ballroom

Our spacious dining room can seat even 200 people on a formal dinner. In the summertime, the party can continue to our large outdoor patio.

Ilokivi Venue

As an after-party location, the Venue downstairs is easily accessible and can host a gig or a dance.

Opinkivi meeting space

Arrange your cocktail party or herring breakfast in the meeting room of Opinkivi sauna.

Anniversary celebrations guide for a student organization

The nature of the anniversary event often requires more detailed guidance from the organizers for the participants. Oftentimes, there’s expertise available inside the association community, as the previous generation has gained knowlegde on the best practises.

JYY’s Anniversary Etiquette guide is available in Finnish (the link for the Prezi service opens in a new window.)

By choosing Ilokivi as your venue, you know you are making a sustainable choice and the catering arrangements are carried out by dedicated professionals.

Maybe it’s a sitsfest after all?

Subject organizations and student associations can easily organize a sitsfest party with food, drinks and songs in Ilokivi.