Ylioppilastalo Ilokiven julkisivu, Jyväskylän yliopiston ylioppilaskunta JYYn keskustoimiston ja ravintola Ilokiven lounastarjoilun sisäänkäynti

Spaces for every event at Seminaarinmäki

Jyväskylä’s Student Union building, Ilokivi, has two floors: Venue, known for concerts, on the lower floor and a restaurant hall on the upper floor. Choose your preferred space or book the entire building.

The Student Union building is accessible. We adhere to JYY’s principles of a safer space. The spaces are licensed for alcohol service. There is a gender-neutral restroom and a wheelchair-accessible restroom on each floor. Parties can continue until 4 AM.

Ilokivi Venue

Ilokivi Venue is a cultural space located in the basement of the Student Union building in Jyväskylä.

Ilokivi Venue has a bar licenced for serving alcohol. We have professional-level sound systems, lighting equipment, and a stage for performing.

We host film screenings, theater, concerts, clubs, stand-up, burlesque, and other experiences.

  • Venue can be booked for private events.
  • Maximum capacity: 365 people
  • Collapsible gallery for 60 people
  • Floor seating (including the gallery): 200 people
Ilokivi Venue Jyväskylässä Seminaarinmäen kampuksella

Ilokivi dining hall

In the evenings and weekends we organize corporate and organizational parties, meetings, weddings, post-doctoral parties, and other private events in the spacious and light dining hall of the Student Union building Ilokivi. During the week, restaurant Ilokivi operates in the restaurant hall.

The dining hall is licenced with alcohol serving rights with a bar. Meeting and AV equipment is available with a speech PA set and microphone.

The large sun terrace is in use in the summer months and early autumn.

  • Maximum capacity 325 people
  • Seats 220
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