Opinkivi sauna

Opinkivi’s sauna provides a versatile space for events even for larger groups and provides experiences throughout the year also in the charm of the outdoor jacuzzi.

Opinkivi sauna facilities

For a meeting

  • 17 seats seated at the table
  • Two comfort sofas
  • 12 seats on the patio
  • Accessible entryway and toilet with disabled access, however note a narrow spot (80 cm) in the hallway that prevents access for a large wheelchair
  • Reservation time until 3 a.m.
  • You can bring your own drinks, there are two tall refrigerators for them
  • Coffee maker and kettle
  • Microwave
  • Stove and convection oven
  • Dinnerware for 50 people

Technical equipment

  • PA system, play music directly from your smartphone or computer
  • Video projector
  • Projection screen
  • Digital television adapter
  • Visitor Wi-Fi

Sauna equipment

  • The sauna is divided in two parts with a partition that can be opened
  • Possibility to rent 20 towels for 20 € or 45 towels for 40 €
  • Heated Jacuzzi – outdoor hot tub in the back patio of sauna
  • Sauna seat covers are available in the changing rooms
  • Bring your own soaps and shampoos with you
  • Sauna heating from 6pm to 11pm

Opinkivi sauna – authentic sauna atmosphere in the heart of Jyväskylä

An atmospheric sauna that accommodates even larger groups and a luxurious Jacuzzi in the back patio of the sauna for year-round use. Whether you are having a bachelor party, a birthday, a bridal sauna, a gathering of friends, or a group of co-workers or students relaxing after a work week, you will enjoy your time with us! Unforgettable experiences for both foreign guests and local groups.

We will be happy to provide your event with a menu of your choice. Contact us and request an offer!

Booking the Opinkivi sauna

Opinkivi’s sauna can be booked from the online calendar. The calendar works on the page jyy.fi. You can access the calendar from the link below. Please read the booking conditions before booking.

Pictures from Opinkivi sauna

Opinkivi’s sauna is located on the street level of the Opinkivi building, near the entrance to Ilokivi Venue, at Keskussairaalantie 2, Jyväskylä.

Opinkivi reservation terms and conditions 

From 1.8.2022 onwards, the new general reservation terms for JYY’s rental spaces operated by Soihtu will be followed. See the new terms on Soihtu’s webpage via this link.

Capacity and equipment

Opinkivi accommodates up to 50 guests, or for meetings 17 guests seated around a long table. The sauna is divided in two parts with a partition that can be opened. Opinkivi has a video projector with a digital television adapter, PA system, coffee maker, kettle, 2 large refrigerators, dishwasher, convection oven, stove, and dinnerware for 50 guests. 

Disposable sauna seat covers are provided, but soaps and shampoos must be brought in. 

Towels are available for rent, 20 pcs. / 20 € or 45 pcs. / 40 €. There is a heated jacuzzi on the back patio of the sauna, the price for JYY members is 30 € / night and for other customers 60 € / night. The jacuzzi is for 6 people. Overfilling might break the jacuzzi. 

Time of reservation

Opinkivi is available for reservation from Monday to Sunday. On the day of reservation, Opinkivi is available from 4 p.m. onwards. Staying overnight is not allowed, and the premises must be vacated by 3 a.m. If the maintenance personnel finds someone at the premises the following morning, an additional charge of 500 € will be sent to the person who reserved the sauna. 

Cost of reservation

The daily fee of Opinkivi sauna is 120 € for JYY members and 200 € for others. The reservation must be paid for in the reservation system. 

Make a reservation here.

The calendar shows available dates in light gray color, and the bottom of the booked dates are pink. The use of jacuzzi for an additional fee of 30 € (JYY members) / 60 € (other customers). 


The closest accessible parking spot is to the left of the Opinkivi entrance. The entrance to Opinkivi is accessible, but the door is heavy to handle. There is an accessible restroom. The access to the meeting room might be hindered especially for a larger wheelchair due to the narrow spot (80 cm) at the end of the hallway. The sauna room is accessible, and there is an accessible shower seat in one of the shower rooms. Bringing in animals is not allowed, to ensure Opinkivi stays accessible also for people with allergies. 

The key

When reserving the sauna, you will receive a five (5) digit code that opens the electric lock on the door of Opinkivi sauna on the day of reservation. Please notice that the code is valid from 4 p.m. to 11.59 p.m. However, staying on premises is allowed until 3 a.m., so make sure not to lock yourselves outside by accident. Someone must stay inside at all times as a “door guard” for safety reasons. 


The person reserving the sauna is responsible for doing the dishes (emptying dishes from the dishwasher) and must take out trash, their belongings and possibly empty bottles when leaving. The bio waste can be left in the bio waste trash can located in the kitchen. All other waste can be recycled outside Opinkivi sauna: when exiting the premises, there are large metal doors on the right opening to the recycling room. The door is not locked, pull the door open and recycle the trash accordingly. If the trash has not been emptied and taken out, the person reserving the sauna will be charged a 50 € extra fee. 

If you do not take the recyclable bottles / cans with a deposit with you, leave them inside by the front door packed in a bag – DO NOT take them to the recycling room as there is no container for them. 

The chairs and tables must be put in their place and all the outside doors must be locked. If Opinkivi is left in an untidy condition, the person who made the reservation will receive a 100 € cleaning charge. 

NOTE! The jacuzzi cannot be emptied! The maintenance team of Soihtu will maintain the jacuzzi. 


The reservation can be cancelled at the latest one month before the reservation by emailing the restaurant manager of Ilokivi at kati(a)ilokivi.fi.


The person making the reservation is responsible for the premises, the equipment and furnishings during the night. In case of any malfunctions of defects, the person making the reservation is obligated without delay to notify Soihtu 24-hour on-call maintenance services p. 010 524 8315. If equipment breaks, a cost of replacing it will be charged. Soihtu has the right to charge 70 € for breaking the terms and conditions of reservation. If the water of the jacuzzi is made dirty on purpose and the water has to be changed, the cleaning fee is 300 €. 

Note! The jacuzzi cannot be emptied! The maintenance team of Soihtu will maintain the jacuzzi. 

Only tealights are allowed in a safe non flammable holder. Burning any candles by the jacuzzi, on the jacuzzi or on the patio is not allowed for safety reasons. 

Covid19 safety

The person who reserved the sauna is responsible for organising the event / social evening. We recommend that the person who made the reservation makes sure that there is enough hand sanitizer, single use gloves and face masks, and to ensure safe distance is maintained between guests. The responsibility of the person who made the reservation is to ensure that no one with corona like symptoms attends the event. Typical symptoms might include fever, cough, tiredness, shortness of breath, aches and pains, sore throat, headache and diarrhoea. 

Lost and found

Clothes, towels and other light-weight lost goods left in the sauna or elsewhere in Ilokivi are collected on weekdays in the lost goods box in the lobby of the Ilokivi lunch restaurant. The lost and found boxes are emptied every month. You can inquire about electronics and other valuables at varaustiimi@soihtu.fi. Title your message “Lost items at Opinkivi” and tell as precisely as possible what was left and where in the message.