Asetelmassa sitrushedelmiä ja kasvisruokakeittokirja

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

Ilokivi is committed in sustainability. We value self-made food and hold up sustainable values.

Sustainability and high quality food for every occasion

The entire process of production is ecologically, socially and financially responsible. Using produce from trusted vendors and cooking the food on site, the food is always ethical and good quality. We still cherish proven recipes passed down from back in the day and continue to update our menu with new and responsible choices.

Dining at Ilokivi is always the most responsible choice for your body, environment and budget!

Ilokiven kasvispihvejä tulossa uunista

Sustainability in the Ilokivi kitchen

The sppliances and equipment in the kitchen are energy efficient and smart.

Detergents are non-toxic concentrates.

The smallest possible amount of packaging waste.

The lighting system is equipped with led fixtures and motion detectors.

Cooking appliances are programmed to save staff resources and guarantee uniform quality food for all customers.

The amount of waste throughout the process is kept to a minimum and monitored carefully.

Our waste management is carbon-neutral starting from March 2021.

Ilokiven työntekijä pesee kasviksia hanan alla

Sustainability of the produce

We only use organic, free-range or free-run eggs in all our products.

The origin of all produce is known.

Meat is mostly Finnish, the land of origin is always visible in the list of ingredients.

We only use sustainable fish from well-managed environmentally sustainable sources. (WWF Fish Guide)

Vegetables are Finnish whenever available. We also use organic produce

We actively pursue low-carbon options for the lowest environmental impact possible.

Vegaaninen juhlaruoka-annos lautasella

Sustainability in the Ilokivi food and services

Vegetarian and vegan options are offered daily.

We only serve Fair Trade Certified coffee.

Our policy is One Plate Only, which keeps the amount of dirty dishes lower.

Ilokivi plates serve the recommended portion size of the subsidied student lunch.

Two of the three daily lunch options comply with the strict standards for the student meal subsidy set by Kela.

Food waste is reduced by leftover sales, practical plate size and bio-waste scale visible to the customers.

Our customers buying take away or leftover food are encouraged to bring their own containers.

Ilokivi cooperates to promote more sustainable food