Ilokivi, the Jewel of Jyväskylä

Lunch on weekdays from 11 to 17
Leftover sales from 17 to 17.15
Breakfast Deli from 9.00 to 10.30

Ilokivi serves you the best of daily meals and celebrations!

Friday 3.12.

Pureed Sweet Potato Soup G, *, L
Cottage Cheese L
Pureed Sweet Potato Soup G, *, M, VEGAN
Fish of the day
Herb Sauce for Fish *, L
Smoky Paprika Chicken G, L

Ilokivi Breakfast Deli

Weekdays from 9.00 to 10.30 am

Enjoy your brekfast at Ilokivi! Choose from our breakfast menu and build your favourite morning meal.

  • Coffee / tea 1,50 €
  • Porridge / cereal 1,20 €
  • House roll 1,70 €
  • Juice 0,50 €
  • Fruit 0,50 €
  • Protein drink 2,50 €
  • Yogurt 1,20 €

Ilokivi Venue, the Campus living room

Open on weekdays 12 – 17 in the Ilokivi building downstairs

  • Space for just hanging
  • Space for studying
  • Novelty coffees
  • Summer terrace
  • The only restaurant on Campus with Liquor licences

Horna, Morgal & Poisoner




Meritta & Meeri Sarjasto


JYRMY esittää: Skltrfest 2021


KAVI-aluesarja: Päättymätön tarina


Ilokivi Venue

Ilokivi Venue downstairs of the Student Union building is open daily from 12 to 17 for studying and casual hanging out for safe snacking with your pals. Venue is the living room of the Campus – coffee, wifi, liquor licences and sunny summer terrace.

Restaurant Ilokivi

Restaurant Ilokivi is an affordable lunch spot in the Seminaarinmäki area and the student’s eternal favourite since 1964. Born to host parties, meetings and events, Ilokivi is the heart of the Jyväskylä student life.

Rental Spaces

In Ilokivi, you’ll find the space you’ll need to give a party big or small and reserve the menu all in one place. Throw a fiesta, gig, festival, sitsfest, conference or seminar in Ilokivi, or anything of your hearts’ liking.

Ilokiven Take away-astiat ja -kyltti

TAKE AWAY 2 + 2 – Student-price lunch also available on take away!

Students can purchase two take out lunches for themselves at a time and can also purchase take out lunch for one fellow student.

2 + 2 lunches in total!

Valid student card for both students must be presented.

Take out lunch includes main dish, salad and bread & spread.

You can pack your lunch in your own box ant take it home in your own tote bag.