Half a Century Profestival

Lauantai 3.6.2023 20:00

To celebrate the 50th birthday and new professorship of the band's bass player Jussi, Whipping Post performs at the "Profestival" at Ilokivi 3.6. FREE ENTRANCE! Profestival is also accompanied by a fresh eclectic act, Prodigal, who finishes the evening with finely nuanced, eccentric melodies.

Approximate schedule:
20:00 Doors open
20:15 Special Quest
21:00 Whipping post
22:30 Prodigal

This is also the first public appearance of the Whipping Post old’n’new line-up! Come to check it up.

Whipping Post plays hard-rock with slightly progressive nuances – taking influences from the 70s in particular – making the result a fascinating mixture of music from the past and present. The band has been gigging frequently in Finland for a long time already. The gigs are always tasteful combinations of rock classics and the original material from Whipping Post’s indie records, like the latest ”Cat O’ Nine Tales”. Listen on Spotify etc and see more on www.facebook.com/whippingpostband
The evening is finished by Prodigal – the solo project of singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Aleks Toppari whose pseudo-futuristic rock music includes diverse genre-blending, complex musicianship and catchy melodies. With the help of his talented live band, Prodigal’s live show is energetic, well thought out and constantly surprising as the music shifts naturally from hard rock to electronic dance music, epic ballads and everything in between. Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/album/3YRLwrv7PNuVFTy8INKA58

Muita tapahtumia kesäkuussa


Lauantai 10.6.2023 18:00

Sweet Burlesque Nights: Sweet Queerlesque Night

10.6.2023 nautitaan Ilokivi Venuella burleskin ja dragin riemusta kaikissa sateenkaaren väreissä. Lavalla nähdään niin kotimaisia kuin ulkomaisiakin artisteja koko illan täydeltä.



Torstai 15.6.2023 17:00

Venuen GAMENIGHT Bonus Round

Tule pelaamaan kivojen tyyppien kanssa pelejä, juomaan kahvia tai kaljaa, tai ihan vaan hengaamaan.