Organizing clubs and gigs in Jyväskylä

Whether you are organizing a gig, DJ club, show, or even a seminar – the Ilokivi culture venue makes it possible.

Gigs for bands and artists

The venue stage has seen all kinds of rhythm groups, from big bands to black metal. Feel free to send an email to offer your artist or production.

Big and small bands are welcome across genre boundaries. When you send a mail, include some details of what you had in mind and what kind of deal. If the band is the best in the world, but a little more unknown, then maybe it’s worth thinking about a joint concert of several bands (it’s not a bad idea to ask some of your friends’ bands in advance and mention this when contacting us).

DJ clubs

A huge number of DJ clubs by different collectives have been organized in Ilokivi. For years now, these clubs have offered an escape for people who are more than just oppressed by the hit list of downtown nightclubs.

Before contacting us with your pitch, make sure you have the concept honed. It’s very hard for us to warm to the idea of “well, I thought I’d play all the good music with my friends”.

Burlesque, stand up, theatre

Ilokivi Venue is familiar among the Finnish pioneers in the field of stand-up as the stage where many comedians’ careers have begun. Birthplace of the legendary Seisomapaikka club.

Ilokivi Venue is Jyväskylä’s most active burlesque performance venue. Jyväskylä’s student theater JYT also operates on the premises. Over the years, the stage has also seen improvisational theater, various dance productions, films and debate evenings. What would you like to give to the Jyväskylä live scene?

Seminars, trainings, meetings

Ilokivi Venue is perfectly suited for organizing seminars, trainings, and meetings.

The facility has a big screen and professional-level sound reproduction, so the implementation of various AV presentations is great.

When can we perform?

Before contacting us, take a look at Ilokivi’s space reservation calendar from this link and find out if the date you are planning is available. Reservations cannot be made directly from the calendar.

Whom can I contact about a gig in Ilokivi?

The Venue Manager,, is responsible for all Venue event bookings.

What’s already there in Ilokivi?

Ilokivi event listing

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